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What to think of before Buying A Vintage Rug

Vintage styling has dominated the design of both home and clothes decoration in the recent past. For home decoration, Vintage styling may entail rebranding of an old style or a totally new recreation largely borrowed from a pre-existing design era. Since there is no absolute definition of a vintage design, finding a perfect vintage rug is almost impossible.

It is all about the color, materials used and the general design. This is what distinguishes Vintage from Antique designs. There are, however, a few considerations that every buyer ought to think of before buying a vintage rug.



Overdyed persian Rug

The style

Of important concern is the style that makes the rug unique, special and different from others. The style acts as an important guide that makes buying easy and specific. Vintage rugs come in a variety of styles.

Overdyed Persian designs are typical of the Turkish tradition. Previous colors used on the rugs are neutralized into some faint appearance. After the neutralization process, dyeing is done using new, bright colors. A more pronounced, vibrant color is made to appear on the old appearance of the rug.

The shabby Chic design borrows heavily from the French style of decoration. The design has a feminine look combining flower patterns with an antique appearance.

The Patchwork style of design is a blend of different patches, blended together, neutralized and finally rebranded into a new, vibrant rug.




The time period and origin of design

The origin of a vintage rug may be determined by the color, the texture and the weaving pattern of the fabric. The time period entails the era of design. Most antique designs rely heavily on the era and the time period of its design while vintage styles depend heavily on design.

Mid century rugs offer modern looks that ar ideal for home improvement and decoration. The modern century designs are unique and will add life to any room in which they are placed.

The region or place of manufacture depicts the cultural setting and background that influenced the design. Most common vintage rugs are from the French and Turkish cultures.




Check on the originality

When shopping for vintage rugs, consider the originality. Beware of products that are made to copy the original products. It is possible to buy non-original vintage rugs since there is no true definition of a vintage rug. Some manufacturers may take advantage of the little-known information to develop counterfeit brands. Make adequate inquiry concerning the origin, type, condition and age before making a purchase.



Consider how colors blend

Since vintage rugs are used for home decoration, it is important to ensure that the rug selected blends and matches well with the other decorations at the home. There should be little or no color and style contradiction. When making online purchases, the retailer should have a return policy to enable the buyer return the rug if it doesn’t blend well with the other decorations at home.

Vintage is generally determined by age, color and design. Depending on the buyer, a definite choice of vintage rug for home decoration has to be made. It is only when you classify your choices appropriately will you select what you want and what works best for you. The underlying factor is that there is no perfect description of a vintage rug.